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Nova was born right here in Alaska on January 7th, 2010. Her thick mahogany red coat is rare and makes her stand out. She loves the snow and the outdoors and would often prefer to be outside rather than in. She has endless patience with our children. She is truly amazing. Nova produced one litter of puppies, but we have decided not to breed her again since she is already 6 years old. 

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Luna was born in April 2015 in Homer, Alaska. She is the sweetest dog ever. She absolutely loves our children and gets along well with all other dogs. She is far bigger than most malamutes that we have seen. Her nurturing nature will make her a fabulous mother and her puppies will have a great temperament. Her father was a creamy, light red and her mother was black and white. Both were great sizes, but she definitely got her size from her father. Now she has been bred with Kingfisher's Red Klondike, who is even bigger than she is. There is no doubt that her puppies will be massive! Reserve your puppy today! These beauties won't last long!! 

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